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Direct Drilling Limited - The Solution to Successful Contruction Planning.

The foundations for a successful construction project are not laid when the actual physical building foundations and services are put in place, they are in fact laid well ahead of these structures when an exhaustive assessment is made of the nature of the ground on which the structure will be erected

Direct Drilling Limited understands the importance of successful and cost effective construction, throughout the building project. It is essential that the area of the proposed construction is professionally investigated at multiple depths to ensure that the foundation groundwork is in a stable nature prior to any foundation work being carried out.

Here at Direct Drilling Limited, we offer a full investigative service including soil and structure analysis at various soil sample levels. This ensures that the region of construction is in a suitable condition prior to any work being carried out.

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* Enjoy Natural untreated water, with no added chemicals.
* Water can be pumped to your household taps under pressure.
* Slash water costs by up to 80% with no meter.

* No licensing for Residential users abstracting under 4400 gallons a day.

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